4 Outstanding Meltblown

Cartridge Filter Variants

Depth Cartridge Filters Engineered for

Excellent Filtration and Thermal Stability!


Cartridge filters can be divided broadly in two categories: surface filters and depth filters. While surface filters trap the solids on the surface of the filter media, depth filters trap them within the thickness of the media. We, at Gopani, offer a vast range of cartridge filters for diverse applications. Our product line in cartridge filters include filter elements produced from a wide array of polymers and metals. Each type of filter is available in many different types of specifications and are offered in accordance with the needs of the application.


#Did you know that depending on which melt blown cartridge filters you choose;
You could increase or decrease the cost per cubic meter of water filtration?


meltblown polypropylene filter cartridge

RO Protect Ultra

Popular Cartridge Filter Variant with Broad Chemical and Thermal Compatibility
pp melt blown 5 micron filters

RO Protect Eco Plus

Economical Variant with 2X Dirt Holding Capacity
spun filter cartridge

RO Protect Eco

Economical Variant for Excellent Filtration and Good Thermal Stability
melt blown filter manufacturers India

RO Protect Extreme

Melt Blown Variant for Extreme Filtration Consistency and Capacity

Key Differentiators!

  • All polypropylene construction using best quality polypropylene
  • 100% free from resin binders, lubricants, antistatic and release agents
  • Minimum contaminant unloading and maximum contaminant removal
  • Filters corrosive liquids, chemicals, acids and alkalis
  • Works in operating temperatures as high as 80°C
  • Graded pore structure offers superior filtration
  • Extremely light weight with a seamless finish
  • Long service life

Length Variants Available

9.75”, 10”, 20”, 30”, 40”, 50”, 60”, 70” in standard and jumbo sizes

Engineered Core


Filter Medium


Choose Right Variant for your Application

Leading Manufacturer of Spun Cartridge Filters Popularly Used for Filtration Of

Water | Wastewater | Photographic Fluids | Chemicals | Cosmetics | Plating Solutions | Inks and Paints | Weak Acids and Bases | Slurries | Coatings | Petrochemicals

Whatever be the requirement - maintenance, long service life, minimum contaminant unloading, high dirt holding capacity, compatibility in harsh operating conditions, thermal stability, extreme filtration or chemical stability – we will help you find a compatible filter.